Your Guide to Choosing the Right Sofa

If you can afford to invest in quality furniture, your sofa should last seven to fifteen years. It’s a big investment and it’s a key piece of furniture in any home.

After all, if it’s a sofa for your living room it’s probably one of the most used pieces of furniture in your home equal only to your mattress!  Your couch is where you will lounge, entertain, watch TV, read, maybe even eat or snack and possibly even sleep.

Furniture design and trends have evolved over the years and so have sofa designs.  The sofa is often the cornerstone of a living room transformation or the centrepiece when furnishing a new home.  Sofas are often used beyond our home now as businesses and offices look to create comfort and a relaxed vibe for their employees and clients with softer, comfortable and more stylish furniture pieces.

The increase of choice in design, size and texture in lounges can become overwhelming when shopping, so we’ve compiled a list of key considerations to guide you when you decide it’s time for a new sofa.

From apartments to family homes to offices and hotels there is a sofa sized for every space.  No longer are we restricted to the humble two or three-seater. The rise of the modular sofa and sectional sofas have changed the way we buy our couches.

When choosing a sofa for your living room it should ideally be about two thirds the size of the entire room. Most people find a seat depth (measured from the front of the seat to the back cushion) of 60cm comfortable enough, but there are lots of options if you prefer a deeper seat for lounging back and curling up.  On average sofas tend to be 152 cm long, 91 cm high, 102 cm deep, with a seat height of around 48 cm.  Consider how you use your sofa to inform how big it needs to be. If you like stretching out for a nap you may want more length and if you’re taller and like more back support perhaps more seat height. Don’t forget to take your dimensions and measuring tape shopping!

Your sofa should be oriented towards the rooms most prominent feature; this might be your TV in your living room or perhaps a fireplace a feature wall or even a window, depending on the room and its function.  For smaller living rooms think about positioning the sofa away from the wall.  Pulling furniture in toward the centre creates a more open feeling rather than a big space in the middle of the room.

 Modular and sectional sofas come in sections that make them easy to move and versatile for fitting in a variety of different spaces and orientations. They’re well suited to large families and great for spaces designed to entertain! Modular sofas can be configured to suit your needs and the modules can be switched around and fit together in any configuration. Moved house and need more space? Simply remove a piece. Choose your arm style, a chaise, corner or storage units and even cupholders!

Our custom lounge settings allow you to design your sofa to your specifications. Our sofas are designed and made with love in our Mornington showroom studio. Our craftspeople can customise your lounge to the shape and size you need.  And we can design accessories like cushion throws or other pieces to compliment your lounges like ottomans or armchairs.

Just like a mattress or your favourite pillow, structure, firmness and support are important in choosing your sofa comfort. Think about the filling in the cushions, the support for your back, how square or round the edges are and how easy it is to rise off your sofa. It’s important to ensure the sofa comfort that matches its use. A sofa for an office or waiting room may be firmer and more structured than a lounge for a family that will spend hours every week lounging and relaxing on it.  Make sure you sit, lounge and lay on the sofas you’re viewing. At Sorrento Furniture our handcrafted sofas are the perfect combination of form and function. You’ll sit in comfort and rise with ease.