Modern Sofa, Classic Elegance

Here at Sorrento furniture, one of the first lounge/sofa settings that we added to our Core Collection was the ‘Sorrento‘.

Right from the outset, we knew we had put together something special, a sleek and stylish design that could be customised and applied to multiple design aesthetics.

With a simple change in fabric choice, the sofa transforms from a relaxed beach house lounge setting to modern inner city sofa that screams style and sophistication.

Custom furniture design "The Sorrento" Mornington style 5

The Sorrento

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A Sofa that’s Versatile & Comfortable

With a splash of colour, the “Sorrento” becomes the canvas for a lively living space that’s perfect for entertaining.

Take a look through the gallery below to see how you can customise your sofa to suit your lifestyle and living space.

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