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Scandinavian interior design – celebrated for its minimalistic, functional and beautiful one-dimensional styles – has been influential since its foundation in the 1930s. But over the past few years, the term ‘Scandi’ has been on trend, gaining attention for its natural colour palettes, spaces filled with light and natural materials.


The origins of Scandinavian style dates back to the 1930s before peaking in the 1950s, as a part of modern movement in Nordic designs coming out of the five Noridc countries (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway & Sweden). According to Scandinavian interior design principles, one should be in consonance with their environment, where things are made to last rather than be replaced. The style – pale colours, raw natural materials, and leggy furniture – was actually largely an outcome of functionality and affordability, where the furniture was inspired through durability, reliability and performance. The result is furniture that is simple and beautiful, creating a practical, timeless style.  


Evolving simultaneously with mid-century modern, the styles have quite a bit of overlap, such as functionality and incorporation of wood. Yet the two diverge in their lighting and colour palette – with mid-century modern tending to explore darker hues, while Scandinavian interiors tend to stick maximisation of lightness in the interior.


Are you wanting to add a touch of “Scandi” to your home, but are unsure where to start? Here are a few of our recommendations and inspiration for bringing a Nordic flair to your furniture.  


Wood finishes 

Wood is vital for Scandinavian furniture, whether it be on the floor, the walls, or on chairs. Often – to keep with the light theme – wood is light and warm, including beech, ash and pine. Eco-friendly materials are among Scandinavian interior design principles, using organic and sustainable building materials. We take great care with our custom made furniture with eco-friendly plantation hardwood timber which is perfect for your Scandinavian furniture.


Scandinavian interior design Merricks Project

Our Merricks project. 


Pick your colours wisely 

Colour palettes within Scandinavian homes are often centred around greys, black, browns and the dominant colour choice of white, creating a light and calm interior. The interior can be complemented by pale, muted tones, especially through accessories such as rugs, textiles and furniture pieces. Our custom lounges come in a variety of colours and materials, perfect for your Scandinavian theme. 

Scandinavian interior design colour selection

Image: Kirill 


Clean lines, space and simplicity

Simplicity is key! Scandinavian interior design is characterised by modern, clean, solid lines. It’s important to keep things practical and clean. Stick to minimalism –  simple accents, keeping things clutter free – to help the feeling of interior serenity and calm ambiance. Furniture with organic materials and simple lines draw attention to natural shapes.


Materials and texture

Although seeking for function, look for textiles with natural materials such as wool, linen, cotton, and fur. Scandinavian patterns are often simple and organic.

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