As we move into the warmer months down the Mornington Peninsula, the team here at Sorrento Furniture are busy getting some exciting and stylish furniture ready for all the sun-loving folks hoping to enjoy the upcoming summer down here by the bay.

On the shop floor currently under construction, we have custom made sofa whose design is based on the ‘Portsea‘ from our core collection of lounge settings. One Portsea ottoman for a family in Mount Eliza, and yet another Portsea for a couple in Shoreham. There’s a nearly completed ‘Sorrento‘ sectional sofa that we’re lovingly constructing for a growing family in Mornington, 2 Blairgowrie lounge settings, one with customised dimensions, one ‘Sorrento’ sectional that has been meticulously designed for a stunning home in Mount Eliza and two ottomans that have been custom designed to match.

We can’t wait to get these new pieces of to their new homes so that they can be enjoyed this summer and throughout the years to come.

Take a look through our core collection to see if you can find a style that suits your needs, or pop into our Mornington Peninsula furniture store and take a look for yourself.