Freshen up your home office.

Autumn is the perfect time to make your home office more inviting.

You come a long way by focusing on comfort and inspiring décor.
Even if you don’t have the opportunity to work from home, a home office is still nice to have for paying bills, planning projects or preparing the weekly plans for the family.

Separate room or zone
If you don’t have a separate room to use for a home office, you can easily create a home office zone in your living room or in your master bedroom. An open bookcase works well as a partition wall or you can define the office area with a large carpet. The place under the stairs is also a good place for a small home office. With a little creativity you will find just the right spot in your home.

How to do it

Here are some useful tips:


Choose a comfortable home office chair


Placing a sofa in the office makes it double as a guest room


Hide clutter with smart storage


Display decorative office supplies


Make sure you have enough light


Take nature inside


Decorate with art or personal objects


Dare to use colors - it provides energy

Good seating comfort
The seating comfort is essential. Choose a comfortable home office chair that offers you good support and can be adjusted in height. And don’t forget that we sometimes get the urge to lean backwards and place our legs on the desk for a wee timeout, right? A chair in leather lasts for a long time, is stylish and easy to clean if you are to spill coffee early in the morning. If you have a separate room with plenty of space, it’s smart to put in a sofa as well. Then you have an extra guest room, if the need should arise.

Smart storage
Choose hidden storage solutions such as cabinets under the desk to clear away the clutter and use the prettiest office supplies for decoration. These can be nice books, a stylish pen, fun notepads or colorful binders.

Light and green plants
Large windows with natural light and views are both stimulant and beautiful, but not everyone is lucky enough to have windows in the home office space. To compensate, put some energy into obtaining good lamplight and take the nature inside. Decorate with lots of green plants – they offer both improvement of the indoor air quality and are nice to look at.

Inspirational decor
When you decorate and style your home office, the most important is that the result appeals to you and brings you energy. Most people find art, trendy posters or family photographs very inspiring. You can also add colors to decorate the room, either by painting walls or buying colorful interiors – for example a fun and colorful reading lamp.

Good luck!

Perhaps you have a nice corner in the living room that can be decorated as a home office?