Years of experience in re-upholstering and custom furniture making has helped our chief re-upholstering specialist James, perfect the art of trimming, folding and sewing new fabric for all of our new lounge settings and furniture restoration.

James’ skill with a sewing machine is so impressive that Cynthia has suggested that her husband Gerry on several occasions that he take some pointers to help him improve his own sewing skills so that Gerry can learn to work with some finer fabrics, possibly silk and make her some nice outfits to wear out to dinner.

Gerry is yet to see the wisdom of this course of action.

As a result, James gets better every day.

All of our fabrics are on display here at our Mornington furniture store and all of our clients are welcome to get a feel for the fabric for themselves.

Pop in for a visit today and maybe compliment James on his sewing while Gerry is within earshot.

The video below is a quick demonstration of James’s furniture reupholstery skills.

If you have a much-loved piece of furniture in need of reupholstery contact Sorrento Furniture today. We can help you with all of your furniture restoration needs.