Unique Custom Furniture Design

We so proud of this piece of custom furniture that we designed and built for Kate Walker Design in Mount Martha.

We worked closely with the client to come up with a piece that would suit their design aesthetic and become a statement piece that drew the eye. The rich blue was used specifically for this location in mind. Contrasted against the relatively monotone background, the custom sofa pops into focus with it’s almost regal blue.

This custom furniture design was commissioned in (insert month & year here) and from start to finish the entire project took around (months/weeks)

Working with Kate Walker design on this custom furniture project was an absolute treat. The team here at Sorrento furniture love the finished result and we’re so proud to be able to display the finished result on our website as an example of the true craftsmanship that our team have developed over the years.

With all thanks to Kate Walker Design and Brent Lukey for this great photo that really captures the style and elegance of this custom furniture design.

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