Colour trends for 2022 | SOLACE

It’s that time of year when, as furniture designers and connoisseurs, we start thinking about colour trends we’re likely to see next year.

Before we get to the big colour trends for 2022 though, have you ever wondered how design trends are forecast? Ever heard of a design trend forecaster?

It’s a real job and people who work as trend forecasters are skilled researchers who formulate predictions on design and colour trends consumers are likely to want for up to five years.

Divining the future when it comes to colour trends – as well as fabrics, prints, styling and overall aesthetics – is about recognising patterns, identifying sources, and mapping how particular trends evolve, underpinned by a good understanding of behavioural science. Design trend forecasters also identify and research social, cultural and environmental movements, as well as ethical shifts – for example, people eating less meat to lessen their environmental footprint – that have a direct impact on consumer behaviour. No astrology charts needed (though there was that trend for sun-and-moon-patterned décor and soft furnishings in the 1990s …).

Despite almost psychic design-predicting powers, what trend forecasters can’t foresee, however, are wide-ranging, catastrophic events such as 9/11 or, you guessed it, our current global pandemic, and therefore the impact these events will have on consumer habits and tastes. Unsurprisingly, there was a big shift towards grey after 9/11 (though we couldn’t possibly say how many are shades of grey …).

Likewise, the pandemic has had a big impact on colour trends. Lockdowns meant we spent a lot more time at home than ever before, which caused people to reflect of what ‘home’ means to them. They’ve had time to experience life and their homes from a new perspective. More than ever, people are seeing their homes as a refuge from the world, and they want their private spaces to be places of safety, calm and peace. The pandemic has also given rise to people reassessing their values and wanting a simpler, less hectic life, with less clutter.

Which brings us to 2022. The pandemic has transformed the way we see the spaces we live in and the colour trends of 2022 reflect that shift in thinking. Colour is the most important design feature when it comes to creating the mood and energy of any space. Colour trends for 2022, therefore, embrace the idea of our home as a sanctuary, with an emphasis on serenity, as well as a move towards simplicity and sustainability. We see this in the way people are searching for a better work-life balance by moving from city centres to regional and rural areas of Australia.

Enter: SOLACE.

This colour palette has a few names but that’s what Scarlet Opus, a world-leading agency in design and colour trends, is calling it, so that’s good enough for us. The feeling, the mood, of this palette is all in the name: Solace. This soft, neutral and peaceful palette lends itself to creating space in our homes with an atmosphere of calm, and an eye for blending our technology needs in a seamless, naturalised way.

 The base shades of Solace are Raw Suede and Sunbaked Clay – colours that reflect our new heightened awareness of the value of home gardens and a desire to live more fully in private outdoor spaces. Complimenting these key story colours are soft Mediterranean shades of Cool Grey, Crystal Clear Blue, Oyster Beige, and Limestone Chalk. Shades that personify a ‘less is more’ philosophy to our re-adjusted lives. They’re colours to evoke the relaxing haze of a Santorini sunset, where you close your eyes and let the soft light wash over you. But if that all sounds a little too tranquil, don’t be afraid to add a touch of drama with a pop of deep colour such as Raw Sodalite – a rich and luxuriant deep blue. The Solace palette may start with neutrals, but it also encourages experiment with bold colour pairings and invites individual flair.

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