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Colour trends for 2022 | SOLACE

It’s that time of year when, as furniture designers and connoisseurs, we start thinking about colour trends we’re likely to see next year. Before we get to the big colour trends for 2022 though, have you ever wondered how design trends are forecast? Ever heard of a...

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Five Things You Should Consider When Choosing Upholstery Fabric

What’s the first thing you consider when choosing fabric for a lounge suite, sofa, or armchair? Colour? Print or pattern? Texture? Chintz or no? (The answer is ‘No!’) Aesthetics are important, of course – you’ve got to like the look and feel of the furniture in your home – but there are a few practicalities you should also give serious thought to when deciding on the type of upholstery that’s best suited your home and lifestyle.

A great-looking piece is of no use if it isn’t practical. You’re better off investing in an expensive artwork and hanging it on the wall. Once you’ve got the practical stuff sorted, then you can get into the fun stuff – colours, textures, and patterns!

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Magical Designers Night

What happens when you bring together creatives and designers from the Mornington Peninsula for a sparkling evening of networking, champagne, and magic? Let’s just say when designers let their hair down, they do it with taste and flair ... and maybe a little (or a...


Freshen up your home office.

Autumn is the perfect time to make your home office more inviting. You come a long way by focusing on comfort and inspiring décor. Even if you don’t have the opportunity to work from home, a home office is still nice to have for...

Custom Lounges

Custom Furniture Setting

Unique Custom Furniture Design We so proud of this piece of custom furniture that we designed and built for Kate Walker Design in Mount Martha. We worked closely with the client to come up with a piece that would suit their design aesthetic and become a...

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Custom Furniture Upholstery Sewing

Years of experience in re-upholstering and custom furniture making has helped our chief re-upholstering specialist James, perfect the art of trimming, folding and sewing new fabric for all of our new lounge settings and furniture restoration. James' skill with a...